10. Tetley Tea is a beverage manufacturer founded in 1837. It is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada, and the second largest in the United States by volume. It is a brand presence in over 40 countries, with millions of cups of tea enjoyed every day. Tetley English breakfast leverages 180 years of tea expertise to create this sophisticated, invigorating blend of tea.  Tetley’s tea discover a kind of rich, complex taste of Tetley English Breakfast.

About the product:The signature product, a deep amber color and delicious tea flavor is delivered in this classic blend of black teas;
Uniquely delicious combination that is perfect for hot or iced tea
Made from the finest black tea, this tea offers a full bodied and flavorful cup of tea.

9. Yorkshire Tea is a black tea blend produced by The Bettys & Taylors Group. Tetley English breakfast tea discover a kind of rich, complex taste of Tetley English Breakfast. UK. Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea is a malty tea with a rich  brown color. Yorkshire Tea uses varieties of tea grown in Assam, Sri Lanka, and Kenya, blended to form four varieties: Yorkshire Tea (commonly known as Yorkshire Red) Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water. Yorkshire Gold.

The most preferred varieties of this tea are Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Gold, Yorkshire Tea for Hard water and Yorkshire Tea Decaffeinated. The brand is now extending its empire by the way of selling a range of different kinds of biscuits, cakes as well as fruit loaves to all its customers.

8. Bigelow Tea This company is basically an American company. It has different variants of tea like black and green tea and herbal tea and so many other types of tea. It has tea plantation which can be seen in the southern Carolina. Its goal is to make sure custom get the best tasting cup of tea possible. Because it think flavor is so important, it overwrap and seal each and every tea bag in a stay fresh foil packet so that all the goodness stays in until you get ready to have a cup of tea.

Hoping you like bigelow English Teatime Tea 20 Bags (Pack of 6), 120 Tea Bags Total. Caffeinated Individual Black Tea Bags, for Hot Tea or Iced Tea, Drink Plain or Sweetened with Honey or Sugar.

7. Lipton Tea Lipton is a British brand of tea, owned by Unilever. In 1991, Unilever created a first joint venture with PepsiCo, for the marketing of ready to drink (bottled and canned) teas in North America. Apart from black leaves tea, the company also markets a large range of other varieties, both in leaf tea as well as ready -to-drink format. These include green teas, black flavored teas, herbal teas, Lipton Black Tea has real tea leaves specially blended to enjoy hot or iced.

Enjoy it as an addition to any meal because is naturally tasty and refreshing. Lipton Linea in Europe and Lipton Milk Tea in various Asian markets. Lipton still owns plantations in East Africa. In May 2007, Unilever became the first company to commit to sourcing all its tea in a sustainable manner.

6. Dilmah Tea Dilmah is a Sri Lankan brand of tea, sold internationally. The company was founded in 1988.Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, founded by Merrill J. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah and offers a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea packed at source. Dilmah offered tea that is freshly packed at origin and therefore rich in flavor and natural goodness.

From black and green teas to Earl Grey and fusion teas, there’s something in
the line-up for every tea fan to savor.

5. The Republic of Tea The Republic of the Tea is a privately owned American tea company based in Novato, California that makes and sells more than 300 varieties of teas throughout North America. The Republic of Tea is known for packaging its loose teas and tea bags in tall, cylindrical tins. It was one of the first companies to offer varieties such as rooibos red tea, white tea, and tea seed oil to American consumers. Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea sparked a Tea Revolution. It begins by canvassing the most prized tea gardens of the world for their worthiest leaves.

Please note: the Republic of Tea, The Peoples Green Tea, 50-Count

4. Harney And Sons Tea Harney an sons tea is an American tea company founded in 1983 in Salisbury, Connecticut and now based in Millerton, New York. produces and sells gourmet tea products. It offers black, green, oolong, white, jasmine, earl grey, herbal, decaffeinated, organic, and art teas; and bottled beverages, such as iced teas, organic bottled juices, coconut water, and ginger ale products. One of their highest-selling items is “silken” tea sachets that primarily come in colorful tins containing 20 sachets each.

Harney sons tea also provides a selection of tea gifts for various occasions, including holiday gifts. It offers its products online to customers in the United States, Austria, Canada, China, France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

3. Tazo Tea Tazo Tea Company is a tea and herbal tea blender and distributor founded in Portland, Oregon, now a division of Unilever based in Kent, Washington. The Tazo Tea company makes a wide variety of flavors and types of tea. Tazo blends from the finest hand-picked tea leaves, spices and botanicals. Tazo tea experts are meticulous about blending because it lets them create taste profiles that are unlike any other tea brand.

Tazo blends pure teas with other herbs, spices or botanicals, that uncover wonderfully complex flavors that complement each unique tea. Flavors of tea include hints of apple, orange peel, chamomile, rose petals, licorice root and ginger. 5 Tantalizing Teas below: 5. Tazo Flavor: Refresh Mint Herbal Tea;4. Organic Peachy Green Tazo Tea;3. Tazo Tea Flavor: Passion;2. Zen Green Tea;1. Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea.

2. Celestial Seasonings Tea Celestial Seasonings is a tea company based in Boulder, Colorado, United States that specializes in herbal teas, but also sells green, white and black teas. Quality herbal teas start with quality herbs and spices.

Celestial Seasonings purchases more than 100 varieties of the finest quality herbs, spices and fruits from more than 35 different countries to make enchanting teas. Celestial Seasonings are blended our teas using the finest herbs, teas, spices and botanicals available. Each herb and spice has its own flavor and taste characteristics and creates delicious natural taste treats when blended. The tea is lovingly packaged them in engaging, thoughtful boxes that truly represent the goodness found inside.

 1. Twinings Tea The founder of Twinings was Thomas Twining from Painswick, Gloucestershire in England. He opened Britain’s first known tea room at No. 216 Strand, London. From these tea gardens Twinings hand-select the leaves that will shape your next Twinings moment. Earl grey tea: Fresh, fragrant and flavored with distinctive notes of citrus and bergamot, this Earl Grey tea has all the taste of the original. Renowned for creating vibrant and aromatic blends that are loved by all, from Earl Grey and English Breakfast to Chai Lattes and super fruity infusions, Twinings know the details that matter most. Today, Twinings still sells the world’s best teas from the original store and in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Please note: Twinings of London Chai Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)


Whether you’re new to tea or have been sipping for years, it’s important to be know how to select tea, special for loose leaf tea. It begins with a selection of good quality tea leaves — a delicate affair that requires you to sight, touch, smell and taste the product.

Sight: The usual method how to get a favorite tea The first thing that a tea specialist looks for when evaluating a tea is its “bloom”. This is a sheen that made tea possesses and it arises from the pubescence that is there in the fine leaf of unmade tea. Some tea makers describe this as a “halo.” It is best seen when you hold up the tea at eye level against natural light. Moreover High quality tea usually contains more whole leaves, with fewer stalks and tea dust, and should be uniform in size. a Tie Guan Yin oolong should come in its standard ball-shape as opposed to a Phoenix Dancong Oolong which comes typically rolled in strips. This is the most effective method for almost all tea experts, whether it’s good earth tea or green tea. Once you know observing and selecting good tea, you know how to make good tea at home instead of going to the tea house.

Touch: A clever guy’s way how to purchase a favorite tea In general, high-quality dried tea leaves should feel how they look: smooth, whole and sturdy. It should also have a slight heft in your hands; A good green tea feels smooth, not coarse, and the wet leaves should be tender. Steeped tea leaves should feel slippery and smooth to the touch. If your tea feels feather-light, it may be an indication that it was over-dried or is getting old. High-quality loose leaf should not crumble or disintegrate with gentle handling. Tie Guan Yin should be heavy and dense. Wet tea leaves from the true Tie Guan Yin bush should also be tender, almost like silk, but also sturdy.Once you have mastered the touch tea technology, you know how to pick the tea you need from top tea bands in the world.

Smell: You can easily get a most popular brand tea No matter what kind it is, high-quality tea will have a distinct aroma. Green tea should smell grassy, light and fresh, while black tea should smell earthy, floral and sweet. When you open a jar of Tie Luo Han and take a sniff, the aromas seem to flow effortlessly into your nose, like you were taking in steam. The smell of the dry leaf before steeping is also vital, and should not be uncharacteristic of the particular tea that you are choosing. For example, the dry leaves of a high quality Japanese Sencha should smell like freshly-cut grass and seaweed. If you inhale deeply and are getting only trace amounts of scent, this could be a sign that the tea is low quality or getting old and stale.

Taste: Anyone who is good at paste tea, of course, can buy best tea When you taste a tea you should look for four key features: appearance, aroma, flavour and mouth feel. Signs of a good loose tea: ◆In Black, white and green tea: gold or bronze flecks – these are the young leaves called tippy ◆It should crunch between your fingers – this means it hasn’t absorbed any moisture (or flavor) from the air around it ◆Buds Because we mainly taste through our sense of smell, it’s important to deeply consider the aroma. There are two techniques for sniffing, these are: ◆Deep inhalations – this is when you hold the brew as close to your nose as possible and take a deep breath. ◆Dog action – this is when you take rapid, shallow inhalations through the nose, rather like a panting dog. Have a go at describing the flavour using your taste wheel. Here’s an example of how it might sound: “A spicy head, a nutty body and a   hazelnut    tail”.   https://howtobuytea.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/101.jpg

WHAT IS THE BEST TEA? It is very difficult to choose the best tea in the world. Different tastes, combined with Trol’s influence, make each different type of tea distinctive. Here, we will highlight some of the best tea in the world, and introduce to you the most expensive tea. MORE

            Tea & Steeping Temperatures

There are mainly six types of tea — white, green, yellow, oolong, black and pu-erh. Generally speaking, white and green teas require lower steeping temperatures and the table below will give you an approximate guide.

Temperature       Time
White Tea    80C – 85C
3 – 5 Minutes
Green Tea    75C – 80C
3 – 4 minutes
Yellow Tea    90C
3 minutes
Oolong Tea     80C – 90C
1 – 6 minutes
Black Tea    90C – 100C
3 – 5 minutes
Pu Er Tea Sheng (raw) Pu Er   85C – 90C
Shou (cooked) Pu Er    95C – 100C
Depends on the pu erh and how many times it has already been steeped

                  The History Of Tea


Legend has it that tea was discovered by the Chinese Emperor,
Shan Nong, in 2737 B.C. He was the first Chinese herbal doctor
It is said that Shen Nong tasted all kinds of herbals, even poison,
to make herbal medicines. The Emperor had a habit of boiling
his drinking water. Why would the emperor be drinking boiling
water? He thinks water should be boiled before drinking for the
sake of good health. One day a fierce wind got up and blew
some leaves into the pot with boiling water. The water turned
golden and a highly pleasant scent appeared. Being immediately
aware of the refreshing and invigorating effect, the emperor let
out the sound “T’sa”. Which means god like and until today,
“cha” is the Chinese name for tea.He immediately gave the
command that tea bushes to be planted in the gardens of his
palace. Thus, the custom of brewing fresh tea leaves in hot
water began and it quickly spread.