Chai Tea

How to Make Indian Chai Tea (Masala Chai)

Usually called Chai Tea by Westerners, the name is a bit like an ATM, is a best chai tea, from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia. Firewood has a warm spices that combine the heat and soothing nature of warm milk to make it very relaxed to consume. In India, firewood is consumed at any time and in the weather. It is not only eaten with meals, but is usually provided to customers in stores (such as jewelry stores) or purchased from roadside vendors, known as Chaiwara (Chai Wallahs). This drink is very simple to make and is the perfect drink for cold winter. The easy chai tea recipe I followed was taught to me by my wife (she is from India), who learned it from her mother (she still lives in India). This is a simpler, daily, family version of guessing in an Indian restaurant.
For those who are looking for a fun and easy alternative to traditional holiday drinks. Try adding cinnamon and nutmeg to ginger and nutmeg as a festive, rich, warm holiday drink.

First step: Item Need:

-a small teapot
-a tea filter (or some other screen filter)
– Chai Tea – this is a special type of thick tea that make according to authentic indian chai tea recipe, it is pickled in a way that curls the tea into a ball. These can be easily found at your local Indochina / Parker grocery store for about $3 to $6 a box (enough to make tea a day for more than a year). In the photos I sent them, they look a lot like pepper and corn. Some common brands are the Taj Mahal and the red label. Milk-whole milk tastes better, but skim is an acceptable.
-sweetener, it’s up to you to choose. You can use almost anything that provides sweetness and heat resistance. You can use sugar, brown sugar, molasses, Splenda,Jaggery (an unprocessed brown sugar block commonly used in rural India) or any other dessert of your choice.
-Spices, the spices used in firewood are large, depending on the area and the complexity or simplicity you want to do. The spices used vary from rose to salt, and more. A simple route to a more complex firewood road; 2 you can buy a MasalaChaiSpice mixture on most India / Pak. In this manual, we will make a simpler homemade version so that we will use ginger roots or Cardamo (acceptable green or black). Cardamo (, like most other condiments) that can be purchased from local Indian / Pakistani grocery stores. Especially compared with the cost of spices in American grocery stores. Don’t replace cadastral powder, it’s not close to fragrance, and it won’t be as flexible as you are.

Second step: The Boil

Put your pot on the stove and add a coffee cup to everyone (plus the extra cost of evaporation).
Prepare your spices, depending on which spices you plan to use, as follows: ginger: cut the ginger into small pieces (about 1: 4 inches) and crush them. You can also heat some in the microwave oven to help release more juice. Then add milk. Nutmeg pod: open the nutmeg pod of your choice. You just need to open the pod to expose the inside of the pod, you don’t need to extract small seeds from it. The interior of these little seeds and pods is where most of the taste is. Black nutmeg pods may be a difficulty, while green nutmeg is very easy. You can smash them with mortars and hammers, just remember that you don’t want to turn it into nutmeg. Instead of mortars and hammers, the easiest way is to put the side of the knife on the pod and break them with your hand. It’s kind of like shredded garlic cloves. For green nutmeg, you can even break them with your teeth if you only drink them. Once you crack the nutmeg, add it to the milk.
Heat your milk slowly until it starts boiling low. This is one of the slower steps. If you try to speed up with too much heat, the milk will burn. This is a good tea, for your breakfast, I will stand up, prepare milk and spices, and throw it on the stove, and then take a bath.
When I get out of the shower and go back to the kitchen, the mixture is already cooked, and remember that you will have some parts of the milk boiled to the bottom of the pot, which is normal. If these parts begin with dark brown or black, the milk is likely to be scorched, and the taste will appear in the mixture.
According to indian chai tea recipe, I’m busy, as if I were doing the best organic chai tea and big train chai tea in the world.

Third step: The Tea Leaves

The milk is cooked and tea is added. We usually use it around a tablespoon of tea at a time. The milk will begin to appear tannin. In many cases, boiled milk forms a layer of skin on it, and tea is involved.
Stir the cooked tea and break the skin. The longer you cook, the stronger the taste of tea. Usually, you stay in light brown to medium colors, close to light chocolate milk. This usually takes two to five minutes. I’ve been excited because homemade chai tea is almost successful!

Fourth step: Strain, Consume, Enjoy!
Well, now is the last step before drinking. You need to filter out all the solids (tea and spices).

Place the tea filter on the coffee cup, turn the teapot over the cup, and then pour in the filter. Tip: do it in the sink, or you’ll make a mess.
Discard tea and spices in garbage or compost. You will see that the sea will reach a good rich brown and skin will have formed the surface. Now you can drink directly or add tea cookies (also known as biscuits) or other wreaths.
It is a homemade chai tea latte! Enjoy!

Homemade Chai Tea

Chai tea probably has its origins in India, or at least it is mostly associated with that area of the world, and is a is a tea blend normally made with black tea leaves mixed with various spices.

You don’t have to buy it from the supermarket. Making a delicious Chai Tea Mix according to homemade chai tea recipe is a pleasure, isn’t it?

It’s more interesting to make chai tea concentrate according to chai tea concentrate recipe than to make Chai Tea Mix, but the process is a little more complicated.

Skip the premade mixes overloaded with sugar or the long line at the coffee shop. This concentrate, made with the simplest ingredients, yields a fragrant and balanced cup right at home. Toasting the spices amps up their warm flavor, while steeping the brew builds depth.

The cost of making this concentrate can be quite variable. The spices tend to be a little on the expensive side so you have to shop smart. You can found a little bag of cinnamon sticks in the Hispanic foods section for only $1.50. You’ll pay three times that much if you buy it in a jar from the spice section.

If you’re craving an extra dose of caffeine at breakfast, stir in some freshly brewed coffee or a shot of espresso. This recipe is enough to last me a few days and I can have a mug of delicious, hot, homemade Chai Tea every morning thus you can “produce” the best chai tea concentrate at home. Refer to home made chai tea recipe below:
Chai Tea

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